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Go Green, Save Money, and Cool Down With Residential Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans San JoseIf the thought of noisy, clunky ceiling fans is stopping you from getting on this green trend, or you're already the owner of one or more of the older ceiling fan types, there's a lot to know about the cost and energy-saving features of the current crop of residential ceiling fans.

Save Green By Going Green

There is a staggering difference in energy usage of a ceiling fan versus running a room or central air conditioner.

Here in Los Angeles County, running the air conditioner can account for as much as 50% of more home electricity costs. Depending on what your electricity rates are, it can cost as much as .60 cents per hour to run your central air conditioner, versus about 1.2 cents per hour to run a ceiling fan. You'd have to have plenty of ceiling fans running to equal .60 cents per hour.

On mild days, when the temperature and humidity levels aren't breaking Los Angeles County records, the cool and balmy breeze from a ceiling fan is a wonderful break from living inside a refrigerator.

Ceiling Fans Help Heat Your Home Too

For those occasional winter nights when the temperature falls below comfort levels, flipping the ceiling fan's direction switch to reverse helps draw down heat that accumulates near your ceilings. The fan blades then circulate that recovered heat throughout the room to help keep the temperature warm and reduce demand on your heating system.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Make Porches and Patios Livable

Specially-insulated outdoor ceiling fans are a great way to create cooling breezes when entertaining yourself or friends on porches and covered patios. And the constant breeze helps drive away flying insects.

Don't Forget Your Garage Workspace

If you have a workbench in your garage, a ceiling fan not only keeps you cool, but an added light kit provides excellent overhead task lighting.

And Don't Worry About Annoying Buzzing And Ugly Blades

High-end residential ceiling fans are as close to silent as the technology allows, and there is an almost limitless array of fan body, blade and light kit choices to match any style décor.

Add a wireless remote to any ceiling fan and you can have one installed on the highest ceiling without worrying about how to turn it on and off, or how to easily control the speed and direction.

And if you are a fan of those benefits, contact an experienced licensed, bonded and insured Los Angeles County electrical contractor to help you join the ceiling fan green movement.

These residential ceiling fan ideas are brought to you by Y.E.S. Electric and Construction, Inc., a bonded and insured California C-10 Licensed Electrical Contractor providing a full range of electrical services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Los Angeles County area.