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The Care And Feeding Of Your Home's Electrical Circuits

Electrical Circuit ServicesIt's easy to overlook something you rarely see, but buried behind your walls are a network of electrical circuits that feed power to every portion of your home.

Unfortunately, most people never pay attention to these electrical circuits until they are either renovating, or something goes wrong.

And when things go wrong, they can go terribly wrong, and it can happen fast.

Your home's electrical circuits are subject to a number of hazards including rodent damage, moisture damage, fraying, damage from earthquakes and other environmental disasters, as well as overloading and damage from power surges.

The consequences of home electrical circuit damage can range from the inconvenience of one or more outlets suddenly going dead, to shock, electrocution and fire.

Should You Have Your Home's Electrical Circuits Inspected?

If your home has experienced an earthquake, flood, or other unusual occurrence, the safe thing to do is have a Los Angeles County electrical contractor come out and inspect your electrical circuits.

If you recently purchased your home, or considering a purchase, an in-depth electrical circuit and service panel inspection is also a good investment.

Even though you will have a home inspector come out before you close on your home purchase, the inspector only performs cursory inspection of your home electrical system.

He or she is not a professional Los Angeles County electrical contractor and does not have the training, experience or equipment needed to perform a thorough inspection.

Indications That Your Have A Home Electrical Circuit Problem

If you notice anything unusual going on, like lights diming in certain rooms, a slight tingle when you touch an electrical device, or smell a burning smell coming from inside the walls, it's time to call a Los Angeles County electrical contractor to identify and repair the problem.

Also, if your home was built during the 1960 to early 1970's there is a chance that the electrical circuits contain aluminum wiring which has been designated as a safety hazard by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission after receiving reports of home fires resulting from the use of aluminum conductors in home circuits.

This is a potentially deadly situation that only a trained Los Angeles County electrical contractor is qualified to address.

Planning A Remodeling or Renovation Project?

Involving your Los Angeles County electrical contractor at the planning stage is the easiest and least expensive way to make sure the project's electrical needs are properly addressed and that your project will pass California Electrical Code inspection.

Out of sight, out of mind is not the answer to having a safe home. Do the right thing and contact an experienced licensed, bonded and insured Los Angeles County electrical contractor. That way you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home's electrical circuits are safe, or get the wiring job done right on your next home remodeling or renovation project.

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