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Home Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance ServicesAlthough electricity is pure energy, the infrastructure that brings that electricity into your home is made of physical materials. And like anything man-made, the time will come when it needs maintenance.

A Los Angeles County electrical contractor has the experience and training needed to keep all of your home's electrical systems functioning safely and properly.

Preventative Maintenance Is A Smart Move

Keeping your eyes open for signs of electrical problems, and calling your Los Angeles County electrical contractor when you find one, can protect you and your family from serious injury or major property damage.

But addressing problems before they occur is a much better option. That's why you should order a safety inspection conducted by a Los Angeles County electrical contractor.

The inspection will cover everything from the service conductors entering your home, to every indoor and outdoor switch, outlet and circuit.

The inspection will uncover potentially unsafe conditions, such as circuit overloading, faulty switches and outlets, and whether or not your home is protected by these two essential electrical maintenance upgrades:

1. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI's) are special outlets that protect you and your family from electrical shock caused by faulty grounding in your home or "leaking" electrical current.

They're a must around sinks and outdoor areas, and California Electrical Code requires them to be located in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outdoor outlets, and in crawlspaces for all new construction and renovations.

Even though your home may have GFI-protected circuits, these devices eventually fail and need to be replaced.

And if you home was built before these devices were required, your home may not have GFI protection at all.

2. Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI's) are designed to protect your home from electrical fires. Arcs are caused by damaged or worn electrical circuits, loose connections, moisture coming in contact with connections and conductors, or improper wire gauge, among other reasons.

Some amount of arcing is normal. For example, fluorescent lamps will arc when they are turned on. Current models of AFCI's can differentiate between normal arcing and dangerous arcing. When a dangerous arc occurs, the AFCI responds by shutting down the affected circuit.

In some ways, installing AFCI's is like having a Los Angeles County electrical contractor standing guard over your home's electrical circuits day and night to keep you and your family safe.

Other preventative maintenance includes having the electrical components of your home heating and cooling system inspected, as well as inspecting your low voltage systems like security cameras, entertainment and intercom systems, and telephone systems.

You can save time, money and lives by having an experienced licensed, bonded and insured Los Angeles County electrical contractor perform electrical maintenance on your home's wiring system. The peace of mind is priceless.

These home electrical maintenance tips are brought to you by Y.E.S. Electric and Construction, Inc., a bonded and insured California C-10 Licensed Electrical Contractor providing a full range of electrical services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Los Angeles County area.