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Is It Time To Replace Or Upgrade The Electrical Switches In Your Home?

Electrical Switch ServicesYour home's electrical switches get a lot of use. Considering how little they cost, and how many times they are flicked up and down, it's a wonder they last as long as they do.

But the time will come when a switch fails and, when it does, your Los Angeles County electrical contractor is ready to safely install a replacement for you.

Remodeling or Redecorating? Upgrade Your Switches With The Latest Types and colors

If your old electrical switches don't match your new colors or décor, they can stand out like a sore thumb. You may get used to the clash, but visitors to your home will notice right away.

Your Los Angeles County electrical contractor can install new electrical switches that complement your homes new look.

Smart Electrical Switches Make Home Lighting More Flexible

Proximity electrical switches can automatically turn light on when you enter a room at night, and turn them back off when you leave. They are an excellent alternative to chasing behind children and forgetful seniors who leave a blazing trail of light behind them as they move through the home.

They are also great for automatically turning on hallway or bathroom lights for those middle-of-the-night bathroom visit.

Central Lighting Electrical Switches Put You In Control

Have your Los Angeles County electrical contractor upgrade your home to a centralized lighting system and you can control every light in your home from one location.

These microprocessor-controlled switches give you the ability to control a houseful of switches and dimmers from bedside or any central location within your home.

There are also mini-central switches that can be dedicated to operating selected room switches for creating instant lighting scenarios like mood lighting, entertainment lighting, home theatre lighting, after-bed lighting, away-from home lightning and more.

Your Los Angeles County electrical contractor can help you make the right central electrical switch decisions and get everything installed properly and up to code.

Home Automation Electrical Switches Make Your Home Smart

Home automation is the ultimate in safety, convenience, and going green. These computer-driven electrical switches give you the power to control every light or appliance in your home using easy-to-setup home automation routines that run right on your home PC, or over the Internet when you're away form home.

Plus you can set-up automation schedules to randomly turn off and on lights, radios and televisions while you're away from home to give that 'at home' look without leaving everything turned on for days at a time.

Besides controlling lights, home automation electrical switches let you remotely control your home theater environment, have lights respond to motion sensing, turn on security cameras, lawn sprinklers and even wake you up to fresh coffee.

See your Los Angeles County electrical contractor for ideas and installation.

If the ideal of upgrading or replacing your home electrical switches 'clicks' with you, contact an experienced licensed, bonded and insured Los Angeles County electrical contractor today.

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