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Los Angeles and San Jose Residential Landscape Lighting

san jose Landscape Lighting ServicesLandscape lighting increases your home's value and adds a new dimension of beauty to your Los Angeles County property.

Outdoor landscape lighting systems are used for accenting areas of your property, adding drama to ornamental objects and statues, highlighting plants, shrubs and trees, and creating dramatic effects when combined with architectural lighting.

Residential landscape lighting is also a great way to illuminate walkways, driveways, and provide additional light to pool areas, porches, patios and decks.

And don't forget to consider the benefits of adding landscape lighting to your fountains, waterfalls, ponds and BBQ area.

A great home landscaping project does not happen by accident. And the results you achieve are directly related to the quality of the landscape lighting bulbs and devices you choose.

A Los Angeles and San Jose electrical contractor can help you design your landscape lighting plan and save you time and money picking out the correct fixtures and bulbs with you.

Landscape Lighting Electrical Requirements

Even though the majority of landscape lighting is usually powered by low voltage circuits, California Electrical Code standards must still be met when your project is installed.

That's because low voltage current begins its journey to your landscape lighting fixtures as standard 120 VAC current which is stepped down by a transformer.

Depending upon the effects you are seeking, and the size of the area to be illuminated, your landscape lighting system may include some 120 VAC lighting fixtures as well as the low voltage devices.

Electricity and outdoor weather conditions aren't a great mix, so it's best seek the safe alternative and hire a Los Angeles County electrical contractor to do the wiring for you.

There's More To Installing Landscape Lighting Than A Trip To Your Home Supply Store

Low voltage landscape lighting is subject to voltage drop the further the end of the line run is from the transformer. Also, the number of landscape lighting devices on a single circuit contributes to voltage drop. The lower the voltage drops, the dimmer your landscape lighting is.

If the drop is too severe, lights at the end of the run may not illuminate at all.

Your Los Angeles County electrical contractor knows how to calculate your project's voltage requirements, and how to select and install the correct type and number of transformers.

There are plenty of landscape lighting equipment and bulb options available these days. LED bulbs are popular for accent lighting and defining areas.

Halogen bulbs are good for illuminating wide areas and creating dramatic effects. Rope lighting is another option for defining areas, and it works particularly well for lighting outdoor railings and deck stairs.

Whatever effect you want to achieve, there's a landscape lighting solution waiting for you.

If this article has given you some bright ideas, you can save time and money, and have your landscape lighting vision turned into reality, by contacting an experienced licensed, bonded and insured Los Angeles County electrical contractor.

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