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Los Angeles and San Jose Is Big On Low Voltage Electrical Usage

Electrical ContractorsWith energy costs soaring out of control, and rolling blackouts becoming a more frequent occurrence, there's a push going on in Los Angeles County to utilize low voltage electrical devices. And that's smart money.

The Advantage Of Low Voltage Devices

It wasn't long ago that low voltage lighting provided inferior results and wasn't seriously considered for high-end residential landscaping applications or for much else for that matter. But all of that has changed.

Los Angeles and San Jose electrical contractors are finding that homeowners who want to show their landscaping, pools, gardens and water effects off in the best light, are making the low voltage choice.

The Future Of Low Voltage Is Bright, But It's Not Just About Lighting

Low voltage is the preferred choice for a number of residential applications including these:

Besides reduced energy costs, low voltage is safer for all of these applications because the risk of electrical shock and fires caused by shorted or faulty circuits, or device malfunction, is greatly reduced.

Where Does Low Voltage Come From?

Because the electrical utility company does not deliver low voltage as a product, all low voltage applications are fed by transformers that step normal 110/220 VAC current down to somewhere between 12V DC and 30 VDC, depending upon the application.

Although low voltage is safer, all wiring and installations of low voltage devices must still meet the specific previsions of California Electrical Code.

There are special requirements for swimming pool lighting, as well as requirements dictating which types of transformers are safe for outdoor and indoor low voltage applications.

Selecting the right transformer for the job isn't as simple as reading the packaging at the neighbourhood home supply store. You need to calculate overall voltage requirements for the low voltage devices you'll be operating, as well as calculate normal voltage drop that occurs as the run length of the low voltage wiring increases in distance from the transformer.

The safest way to enjoy low voltage service is to have a Los Angeles County electrical contractor handle the project for you. That way you know your project will pass inspection, and you won't have to worry about the risks of fire or shock caused by improper product selection or substandard installation.

New homes can be constructed with low voltage wiring in place, and a Los Angeles County electrical contractor can be used to retrofit existing homes.

Trust Your Low Voltage Applications To A San Jose and Los Angeles Electrical Contractor

When choosing a Los Angeles or San Jose electrical contractor for your next residential low voltage application, be sure the contractor holds a valid C-10 license issued by the California State Licensing Board, is bonded and insured, and is experienced in installing and maintaining low voltage systems.

Y.E.S. Electric and Construction, Inc., is a bonded and insured California C-10 Licensed Electrical Contractor providing a full range of standard and low voltage electrical services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Los Angeles County area.