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Residental/Commercial work

Whether you live in a home or condo, or you own or manage a Los Angeles County business, residential living complex, or any public or private industrial building, office building, or high-rise, the time will come when your electrical infrastructure is going to require attention.

When that does happen, you'll need to hire an electrician or an electrical contractor to get the job done. Here's what you need to know in order to make that decision: Read more...

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance ServicesAlthough electricity is pure energy, the infrastructure that brings that electricity into your home is made of physical materials. And like anything man-made, the time will come when it needs maintenance.

A Los Angeles County electrical contractor has the experience and training needed to keep all of your home's electrical systems functioning safely and properly. Read more...

Electrical Rewiring

If your home is being rebuilt after a fire or other disaster, or you're renovating, remodeling, or have simply outgrown your home's electricity capacity, it's time for a home rewiring project.

Improperly installed or defective wiring, circuit breakers, outlets or switches can lead to death by electrocution or fire. That's why you should only work with a Los Angeles County electrical contractor when launching a home rewiring project. Read more...

Electrical Switches

Your home's electrical switches get a lot of use. Considering how little they cost, and how many times they are flicked up and down, it's a wonder they last as long as they do.

But the time will come when a switch fails and, when it does, your Los Angeles County electrical contractor is ready to safely install a replacement for you. Read more...

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting ServicesLandscape lighting increases your home's value and adds a new dimension of beauty to your Los Angeles County property.
Outdoor landscape lighting systems are used for accenting areas of your property, adding drama to ornamental objects and statues, highlighting plants, shrubs and trees, and creating dramatic effects when combined with architectural lighting.

Residential landscape lighting is also a great way to illuminate walkways, driveways, and provide additional light to pool areas, porches, patios and decks. Read more

Low Voltage

With energy costs soaring out of control, and rolling blackouts becoming a more frequent occurrence, there's a push going on in Los Angeles County to utilize low voltage electrical devices. And that's smart money.
It wasn't long ago that low voltage lighting provided inferior results and wasn't seriously considered for high-end residential landscaping applications or for much else for that matter. But all of that has changed.

Los Angeles County electrical contractors are finding that homeowners who want to show their landscaping, pools, gardens and water effects off in the best light, are making the low voltage choice.
The Future Of Low Voltage Is Bright, But It's Not Just About Lighting
Low voltage is the preferred choice for a number of residential applications including these: Read more...

Ceiling Fans

Cieling Fan ServicesIf the thought of noisy, clunky ceiling fans is stopping you from getting on this green trend, or you're already the owner of one or more of the older ceiling fan types, there's a lot to know about the cost and energy-saving features of the current crop of residential ceiling fans.

Here in Los Angeles County, running the air conditioner can account for as much as 50% of more home electricity costs. Depending on what your electricity rates are, it can cost as much as .60 cents per hour to run your central air conditioner, versus about 1.2 cents per hour to run a ceiling fan. You'd have to have plenty of ceiling fans running to equal .60 cents per hour. Read more...

Electrical Emergency Systems

Power failures come without notice. And whether they are related to natural disasters, violent weather, a downed utility pole, blown neighborhood transformer, or something else, the end result is the same: No lights, no appliances, and no air conditioning.

An extended power failure can be costly, and even dangerous, when frozen and refrigerated food goes bad, and people with health conditions swelter in the heat with no protection from our famous smog. Read more...

Interior Lighting

The days of hanging a fluorescent lighting fixture in the kitchen, and screwing bulbs into porcelain ceiling fixtures in the other rooms, have been over for quite some time. But even homes that are just 10 or 15 years old are probably out of date when it comes to the latest interior lighting trends and innovations.

Today's interior lighting designs are all about low energy usage and lighting schemes that complement interior design and the home's natural features. Read more...

Security Cameras Systems

Security Camera ServicesA knock on the door, a snapping twig in the yard, the sound of breaking glass in the far end of the home; is it "nothing", or is it a burglary or home invasion in progress?

The only way you can really keep an eye on what's happening inside and around the exterior of your property is to have a residential security camera system do the watching for you. Read more...

Electrical Circuits

It's easy to overlook something you rarely see, but buried behind your walls are a network of electrical circuits that feed power to every portion of your home.

Unfortunately, most people never pay attention to these electrical circuits until they are either renovating, or something goes wrong. Read more...

What to Do In Case Of An Electrical Emergency

Brownouts, blackouts, severe weather, floods, earthquakes, or a car knocking down a nearby utility pole; it seems like there's always something impacting electrical service somewhere in Los Angeles County.

We often don't think about electricity until it's suddenly not there, or until an electricity-related emergency occurs at home. Read more...